Privacy Policy

At we ask visitors and customers for information in order to improve the experience and communication of our content, services and promotions. We collect data such as your name, email and address, which you provide us when you register on our site or when you make an appointment. For security, the information about your means of payment is not requested directly and remains private between you and our provider of the electronic payment system.

At we may use information collected online to process and complete your application. We also use email addresses in various places within the site, so that we can send email communications related to your request. In addition, we keep a record of your messages, requests and anything else that allows us to improve and personalize your browsing experience. We also monitor the site for traffic patterns in order to improve its design and the products and services we offer. At we are committed to using your information responsibly.

Your personal data will not be rented or sold for any reason, but may be shared when you participate in an activity that is carried out with another company with which we have associated to carry it out and that may be of interest to you.