About Us

Velosa Immigration Consulting Services

Some of the best stories come from overcoming obstacles, and Velosa Immigration Consulting Services is an example of such.  Founded by Sandra Velosa, a Colombian native and daughter of Colombian immigrants who together with her family went through a difficult legal immigration process which lasted almost ten years full of uncertainty and erroneous legal advice.

 The objective of Velosa Immigration is to offer legal assistance in an honest way to all of  those interested in settling in Canada either temporarily or permanently. 

At Velosa Immigration we focus on assisting the Latin American community because we understand the importance of being able to communicate in your native language. Our purpose is to present  you with options that meet your short- and long-term goals by creating an immigration plan based on your possibilities in a realistic way.


We are a Certified company.

Velosa Immigration Consulting Services is a company certified by the IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS OF CANADA REGULATORY COUNCIL, an official entity of the Canadian government that endorses our knowledge and experience as consultants in immigration processes in Canada.